2018 Summer Programs

This summer in Santa Cruz, California, Dilts Strategy Group will sponsor three events
to promote and support the processes of Generative Change:


Generative Consulting Certification
August 6-19, 2018


SFM Intensive Learning Lab
August 18-19, 2018


Conference on SFM and Generative Change
August 20-24, 2018

Attend the first ever Generative Consulting Certification Program in the world. The focus of this program is discovering how to apply various SFM tools to consulting. SFM Intensive Learning Lab and Conference Registration are included.

Early Bird Tuition/Registration: $4,500
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Arrive for the Conference a few days early and join experienced practitioners of Success Factor Modeling and Generative Change for a hands-on exploration of specific applications of processes and tools. Conference Registration is included.

Early Bird Tuition/Registration: $995
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Advocates of Generative Change from around the world will attend the conference to share ideas, processes, and tools. As a community we can establish a field which gives birth to new approaches, new possibilities, and new realities.

Early Bird Registration: $550
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What is Generative Consulting?

To "generate" means to create something new. The focus of Generative Change is to cultivate creativity: in your teams, your venture, your relationships and yourself. Social, technological and economic developments are constantly transforming the world of business and the way in which people, teams and organizations, old and new, must operate. This requires developing new and innovative approaches to address the many challenges of change. Generative Consulting involves helping individuals, teams and organizations address these challenges in order to succeed and thrive in a changing world. This program will provide participants with principles, models and tools to navigate the volatile and evolving landscape of today’s business environment creatively.

Who Should Attend the Generative Consulting Certification?

• SFM Alumni or Alumnae who want to discover how the SFM tools can be applied to Business Consulting and would like to be certified in Generative Consulting. Put your SFM knowledge into practice with different people from different cultures and backgrounds.

• Generative Coaching Alumni or Alumnae who want to learn how to apply the state of the art methods of Success Factor Modeling to help clients tackle their challenges. Explore how Generative Coaching can be dramatically expanded in a business context.

• HR Professionals who want to learn new tools for facilitating generative collaboration and collective intelligence in their teams. Learn how to enhance resilience, agility, flexibility and "intrapreneurship."

• Managers and Business Leaders who want to bring lasting change into an organization. Apply principles of sustainable management to create an support a winning culture.

• "Intrapreneurs" who want to develop an entrepreneurial mindset within a large organization. Take responsibility for encouraging authentic innovation in the teams and projects with which you are involved.

• Anyone who wants to be part of an incredible community of people who are committed to making a real difference in the world both within and outside the context of business. Interact and network with committed people who share a common vision and set of values.

What Will You Learn?

Some of the most effective success factors for creating and growing a team or a business.

• Models and practices to empower people at every level of their organization.

A comprehensive roadmap for transforming individuals and organizations at the deepest level.

How entrepreneurship, collective intelligence, and leadership complement each other to accelerate the growth of a successful venture.

How to establish the mindset and encourage the actions that produce generative outcomes for individuals, teams and organizations.

How to integrate personal development fully with professional development.

How to identify and transform common obstacles to innovation teamwork and productivity.

How to assist clients and employees to forge an authentic connection between their passion and a sustainable vision for the future.

If you are already familiar with SFM or Generative Coaching, you will learn how the SFM models can be practically applied in business consulting and expand what you have learned in order to become an effective individual and team coach for business.

As added bonuses, you will be automatically registered in the DSG/IAGC Conference on SFM and Generative Change, which follows the training, and
you will receive a 2-year membership in the International Association for Generative Change. To find out more about the IAGC, CLICK HERE.

Where Will You Stay?

Our summer program will take place on the beautiful University of California, Santa Cruz Campus, home of NLP University. Nestled among groves of coastal redwoods near the charming city of Santa Cruz, with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, the Santa Cruz campus is one of the most delightful places on earth. Join us for a summer of instruction, inspiration and fulfillment.

You are free to find private accommodations in Santa Cruz, but if you choose to stay on campus, we have arranged for the availability of single and double student apartments, with meals prepared by the university dining hall. The fee for accommodations, including room and board, will be $2,270 for a single room for the full program, including Certification and Conference, or $1,640 for the Certification only. The accommodations fee for a double room will be $2,035 for the full program or $1,470 for the Certification only. For the Intensive Lab and Conference, single accommodations will be $760 and double accommodations will be $680. For just the Conference, accommodations fees are single $510 and double $455.