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SFM™ Leadership Team

SFM Leadership Team

The SFM™ Leadership Team is group of SFM™ Co-Facilitators and Ambassadors personally trained by Robert Dilts. They come from a variety of countries and fields and have extensive experience in coaching, consultancy and entrepreneurship.

Mickey A. Feher

Mickey Feher

Mickey Feher has been the Managing Director and Sales Director at major multinational companies such as Deutsche Telekom, Aegis and Deloitte and has served in various executive level roles across Europe. Apart from managing PurposeworX in the US, he also serves as the Executive Director for the International Association for Generative Change, a global organization founded by Robert Dilts and Steve Gilligan. Mickey's passion and mission are to help others find Meaning in their life and achieve exceptional results. He is deeply engaged in a lifelong battle against isolationism, intolerance and hatred.

Mickey's clients include some of the largest multinationals of the world, such as Microsoft, GE, Vodafone and Mondelez. He has an MA in psychology and an MBA in international management from Case Western University. He is also an NLP Master Practitioner, Consultant and Trainer certified by the prestigious NLP University in California and has a certificate in Generative Coaching issued by the IAGC. A father of two, he loves practicing martial arts and meditation as two very important life tools.

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Gilles Roy

Gilles Roy

Gilles Roy is a trainer, consultant and coach. Fifteen years ago he and Marie Paule Rous co-founded Formation Evolution and Synergie, a training and research institute (NLP, Brief Therapy, etc.), which invites internationally renowned trainers every year, including Robert Dilts, Christina Hall , Shelle Rose Charvet, Michael Hall.

Gilles is also a founder of Collective Intelligence in Action and of Vision 2021, a ten year project which was initiated in 2012. The purpose of the project is to consider the long-term evolution of our culture and our civilization in the context of sustainable development and to support necessary social and professional change today and tomorrow.

Jean François Thiriet

Jean François Thiriet

Jean François Thiriet is one of the seven SFM2 Collective Intelligence trainers and facilitators in the world. He wrote the first book in French on Mastermind Groups. Originally from a Nursing Background, Jean François has been bringing Care to the top levels of organizations through research on happiness, quality of life and performance, which gave birth to 3 books on Happiness at Work, Gratitude and Conflict Resolution.

Today, Jean François sees SFM™ and its tools as the best way to awaken this vision in leaders through Mastermind groups, SFM™ Executive Coaching, and Keynotes.

1999 Nurse and Chief Nurse at Besançon Centram Hospital, France
2005 Collective Intelligence Facilitator, Executive Coach and Organizational Mediator
2010 Heartmath One on One Coach
2016 Member of SFM™ Leadership Team
Other Author of 4 books

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Magnus Kull

Magnus Kull Magnus Kull is a director of coach2coach, one of Scandinavia’s largest training institutes for leadership coaching. For over 25 years his passion has been to support leaders to help organizations grow in a sustainable way. For the last five years, he has been fascinated by the leader’s mindset, and how that influences a company.

Now Magnus is curious about how to influence large organizations to be more purpose driven, by implementing the Success Factor Modeling™ mindset.

1993  Researcher in organizational learning, Gothenburg University
1996  Founded coach2coach, one of Scandinavia’s largest training institutes for
 leadership coaching
2015  Co-founded Motivactr, a startup developing software for presentation excellence
2016  Member of Dilts Strategy Group
Other  Author of 4 books, selling over 150,000 copies

Colette Normandeau

Colette Normandeau

Colette Normandeau is a master trainer and certified NLP coach. With 16 years of experience as a trainer, lecturer, consultant and coach in Quebec and internationally, Colette founded L'essentiel in the hope of sharing her passion for being, life, and humanist evolution. Since 2001, Colette has trained and coached thousands of entrepreneurs, leaders and corporate teams locally and internationally. She is the author of a book entitled E.T.R.E. Self-Coaching and Self Awareness Guide.

L'essentiel is a humanistic NLP and SFM™ training school founded in 2015. The school is dedicated to the development of life, business and executive coaches, authentic entrepreneurs, heart-based managers and conscious leaders who strive to make a positive difference in their lives, the lives of others and the world. Based in Quebec City (Canada), L’essentiel offers its services throughout French-speaking countries such as Morocco, Senegal and France.

Nicolas von Burg

Nicolas von Burg

Formerly an international tennis player, Nicolas von Burg founded a tennis academy, which he directed for 10 years. Since 2009, Nicolas has taught coaching. He is the founder of Youniting, an NLP and coaching training institute based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Nicolas is an Individual Coach and a Certified Team Coach. He is also a Certified Adult Trainer, an NLP Teacher certified by the Society of NLP (USA) and a Coaching Supervisor certified by CSA (Coaching Supervision Academy). He has trained with Karyn Prentice, Christina Hall, Sam Magill, Robert Dilts, Gilles Roy and Stephen Gilligan. He is passionate about seeing each human being "tuned" to his or her highest unique potential.

2003 Founded Quarantezéro Tennis Academy
2006 Founded NVB Coaching and Training
2015 Coaching Supervision Diploma (CSA)
2015 Member of Dilts Strategy Group
2016 Founded Youniting
2016 Member of SFM™ Leadership Team
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Kathrin M. Wyss

Kathrin Wyss

Kathrin Wyss is a pharmacist by training and enriched her extensive education program with management, communication, coaching and training skills. She is a highly-versatile and passionate person who knows how to break down learned knowledge into daily tasks and to inspire other people and to achieve sustainable change. Kathrin has worked full-time since 2008 as an accredited Executive Coach, Change Agent and Leadership Trainer. She counts senior business leaders, senior executives to middle managers as well as entrepreneurs as clients.

Kathrin says, "I love to dig deep to let you find answers to some difficult questions that might be holding you back, almost unconsciously. All to allow you moving forward to reach for your dreams."

1993MS in Pharmaceutical Science
2004Founded Beachtig CTC GmbH
2008Fellow Trainer IANLP, DVNLP
2015-16Completed SFM™ I and II
2016Member of SFM™ Leadership Team
OtherShamanic healer and author
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