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Dilts Strategy Group is a consulting, coaching and training company, with a global network of consultants in more than twenty-five countries. Dilts Strategy Group (DSG) brings together proven business criteria with strategic knowledge and behavioral skills through the Success Factor Modeling™ process in order to support the growth and development of individuals and their organizations on multiple levels.

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Happy New Year” class=

A New Year's Message from the Leadership Team

The SFM Leadership Team spent the 3 days from December 18-20 coming together to determine how to better serve the needs of the world at large and those of the SFM Community specifically. We had fruitful discussions of the various ways in which we can strengthen the spark of SFM and Generative Change by spreading it to the different parts of the world in a form which best suits the different local ecological systems. As a result, we are creating a more formal structure within which to work so that we can collaborate more effectively within the team and with you, the SFM community.

One of our first projects will be to co-author a Generative Consulting book to record the essence of this unique approach and to follow up on the training which we completed in August of 2018. This will allow us to better share this unique approach with you and with the global community.

The SFM Leadership Team has also been invited to assist at the NLP University Master Trainer Certification in Santa Cruz in August, 2019. We are looking forward to seeing many familiar faces from the past few years.

In addition, we have inaugurated the following three autonomous branches or “leaves” of SFM, which is now now a fully registered Service Mark:

1) A Training Leaf, which will be responsible for developing newer and shorter versions of SFM workshops and presenting “signature” trainings in collaboration with our affiliates around the world to help spark interest and excitement about SFM.

2) A Consulting Leaf, which will work in coordination with the Training Leaf as well as independently to reach out to the corporations, non-profit groups and government agencies which could benefit most from the SFM approach.

3) A Community Leaf, which will be responsible for maintaining an ongoing connection with SFM alumni and with Authorized and Affiliated trainers to encourage and support the international movement of Generative Change. We also want to expand the community to include partners and potential investors who want to support businesses built upon the principles of SFM and Generative Change.

We are very excited and full of the spark of new beginnings. We strongly believe that with a more coordinated and harmonized approach we can reach and engage a wider community and build better bridges to new communities around the world.

We all wish you a very blessed 2019 and are looking forward to a fruitful and inspiring time ahead.

- The SFM Leadership Team

Happy New Year” class=
Kathrin, Lily, Robert, Colette, Jean-François, Michael, Mickey

NLPU International 2019 Summer Programs

Santa Cruz, California

Master Trainer, Facilitator, Transformational Entrepreneur Certification
August 4–15

Master Practitioner Certification
August 4-17

Master Practitioner Bridge Certification

August 9–17

More Information Available at NLPU.com

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