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The Need for Being a Role Model as a Generative Consultant

By Kathrin M. Wyss www.beachtig.com

“BE the Generative Change” was the tagline we used with the first participants of the Generative Consultancy training held by Dilts Strategy Group in 2018 in Santa Cruz CA, USA, and to strengthen the sustainability of that aspiration we created T-Shirts. But what does that mean? What are key characteristics of "being a Generative Change?"

Maybe it is better to say what Generative Change is not: Knowing all the answers at the time of question; following a recipe of multiple methods based on your assumed knowing what the problem is; coming into an organization as expert and savior with a pre-defined plan which only needs slight adaptation for its roll out.

A key ingredient for someone who works generatively is their willingness to have their beliefs and ideas challenged by others. Which means that you as leader / consultant should understand that you cannot create change unless you are willing to listen and grasp all there is with a beginners mind. You will need to build strongly on your relational skills, your systemic and strategic thinking abilities, your way to use your emotional intelligence and communication skills to tune in and work from the inside out as partner to the organization - not with or for it. It's a true WE.

Where to start, you may ask. Margaret J. Wheatley wrote in her book Turning to One Another in the chapter Willing to Be Disturbed, that “We have to be willing to let go of our certainty and expect ourselves to be confused for a time.” She goes on, “It is very difficult to give up our certainties… These help define us; they lie at the heart of our personal identity. Yet I believe we will succeed in changing this world only if we can think and work together in new ways.” She emphasizes that being curious and listening to what you do not know yet can be a simple, yet very effective, method to steer your path towards the WE, and I cannot second that more.

We are very excited and full of the spark of new beginnings. We strongly believe that with a more coordinated and harmonized approach we can reach and engage a wider community and build better bridges to new communities around the world.

For the chapter excerpt see: WillingDisturbed.pdf or go to https://youtu.be/M81kQ-XKGF4 for a spoken version.

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About the Author: Kathrin Wyss is a pharmacist by training and enriched her extensive education program with management, communication, coaching and training skills. She is a highly-versatile and passionate person who knows how to break down learned knowledge into daily tasks and to inspire other people and to achieve sustainable change. Kathrin has worked full-time since 2008 as an accredited Executive Coach, Change Agent and Leadership Trainer. She counts senior business leaders, senior executives to middle managers as well as entrepreneurs as clients.

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