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Dilts Strategy Group is a consulting, coaching and training company, with a global network of consultants in more than twenty-five countries. Founded by Robert Dilts and his brother, John Dilts, the purpose of the Dilts Strategy Group (DSG) is to bring together proven business criteria with strategic knowledge and behavioral skills through the Success Factor Modeling™ process in order to support the growth and development of individuals and their organizations on many levels.

In addition to offering trainings and certification programs in Success Factor Modeling™, DSG sponsors research projects promoting the development of new models and the identification of evolving success factors in the dynamic social and economic world in which we live.

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A world in which people are fulfilling their aspirations and giving the best of themselves to produce a positive systemic impact through their ventures – More and more organizations, businesses and projects that promote the growth and mastery of the those involved and create a more healthy, harmonious and thriving planet and society.

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To discover and share the “differences that make a difference” in creating and growing successful ventures – Identifying and transmitting the key success factors necessary to build a sustainable and successful business, team or project.

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To be a globally recognized pioneer and a leader in holistic business strategy – A respected source of methods, models and tools that strongly and positively influence the way teams, businesses and organizations around the world are managed and led.

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An international group of consultants and coaches with experience in NLP and enterprise who collaborate to provide effective business strategies and the accompanying support – A network of entrepreneurial, forward thinking people who work together to assist teams, businesses, organizations and each other to significantly improve their performance in the areas of entrepreneurship, leadership, innovation, collective intelligence and communication.

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The Success Factor Modeling™ (SFM™) process is a unique approach to competency building originated and developed by Dilts Strategy Group. The SFM™ process is designed to identify and apply the critical success factors necessary to promote growth and development of emerging growth technology companies.

The SFM™ process was conceived and based upon a set of principles and characteristics which are uniquely suited to analyze and identify crucial patterns of values, behavior and interrelationships at the root of successful individuals, teams and companies. These patterns are then transferred to new companies, increasing their chances for similar success. Drawing primarily from the behavioral science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the SFM™ process is founded upon a set of fundamental linguistic, cognitive and behavioral patterns and distinctions. The primary approach of the SFM™ process has been to model effective and successful behaviors and the cognitive strategies that drive them. The results of this analysis are then formalized into step-by-step procedures or techniques that may be utilized to transfer successful skills and characteristics to other people and areas of application.