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Dilts Strategy Group is a consulting, coaching and training company, with a global network of consultants in more than twenty-five countries. Dilts Strategy Group (DSG) brings together proven business criteria with strategic knowledge and behavioral skills through the Success Factor Modeling™ process in order to support the growth and development of individuals and their organizations on multiple levels.

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Advanced Sleight of Mouth
How Words Can Change Worlds

Online Workshop with Robert Dilts
October 5-6 and 12-13, 2024

Advanced Sleight of Mouth

Early Bird Tuition through July 23 - $555
11 am to 5 pm CET Online with Robert Dilts
5 to 6 pm CET Networking

This program continues where Robert's Previous Program Left Off
Add the Recording of the First Workshop for $300

Advanced Sleight of Mouth

43rd Anniversary of Sleight of Mouth

Robert first developed the model of Sleight of Mouth. 43 years ago and published Volume I 24 years ago. The word sleight means "crafty," "cunning," "artful" or "dexterous" and sleight of hand refers to the crafty art of card magicians. Sleight of Mouth works similarly with words. The verbal patterns Robert identified for the model can create dramatic shifts in perception and in the assumptions upon which those perceptions are based. Sleight of Mouth truly is verbal magic.

The following recording is a special interview
to honor and celebrate 43 Years of Sleight of Mouth.

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Generative Coaching Book Series

By Robert Dilts and Stephen Gilligan:
The Journey of Creative and Sustainable Change
Enriching the Steps to Creative and Sustainable Change
Multiple Levels of Creating Success

Generative Coaching

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Power of Mindset

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The latest book by Robert Dilts with co-author Mickey Feher. Find out why Mindset is the most important key to success. Explore the distinguishing factors of some of the finest entrepreneurs in the world like Steve Jobs of Apple, Elon Musk of Tesla, Richard Branson of the Virgin Group, Jeff Bezos of Amazon.com and Anita Roddick of The Body Shop. This book will help you to discover how you can bring some of the same success into your life.

Watch Book Launch Event with the Authors

Book Launch Video

Now Available

Tools for Resilience

Introducing the Newest Addition to the Field of SFM™

Generative Consulting involves helping individuals, teams and organizations address these challenges in order to succeed and thrive in our changing world. This program will provide participants with principles, models and tools to creatively navigate the volatile and evolving landscape of today’s business environment.

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SFM Venture Circles

Venture Circle

Venture Circles Information

SFM Venture Circles are microcommunities of SFM-Trained people who want to apply the SFM Tools to a topic of interest in order to create a Model. Find out how to start or join a Venture Circle.

Sustainable Earth

SFM™ and Sustainable Development

Participate in a research study into effective practices to promote Sustainable Development with Success Factor Modeling™. Answer our questionnaire.

SFM and Healthcare

Success Factor Modeling™ for Healthcare

This project is now entering its second year. The study currently aims to identify and apply success factors in the health ecosystem to improve its performance. There is still time to participate! Find out more Here.

Fellowship Logo

Intentional Fellowship

Intentional Fellowship is the product of a particular mindset in which people strive together to be the best version of themselves and to create something meaningful with others in service of a higher purpose. Find Out More.

Logical Levels Logo

Logical Levels Inventory

This new, intelligent and thought-provoking online profiling tool based on Dilts' logical levels model enables individuals, teams and organizations to engage and succeed in sustainable change across a number of different contexts. Learn More About the Benefits of the Inventory.


MindsetMaps International

A unique tool based on conversations with hundreds of successful next generation entrepreneurs and leaders. Watch the April 22, 2020, livestream with Robert Dilts and Mickey Feher:

Take the Success MindsetMap Inventory.

PERICEO Spiral Logo

The PERICEO Project

The goal of this project is to foster synergy and increase Collective Intelligence in teams and organizations. In addition to a book, the project has resulted in an on-line Collective Intelligence assessment tool. Try Out A Demonstration.

Inner Game of Coaching Logo

The Inner Game of Coaching Card Deck

The Inner Game of Coaching is a professional coaching deck designed to bring structure, creativity and fun to your coaching sessions. With 77 cards and 13 different coaching templates, you'll have a wide range of templates to use to help your clients achieve their goals in a fun and effective way. Find Out More.

Authentic Leadership Videos

The Alpha Leader
Leading the Way Through Wake-up Calls of Crisis and Change

These recordings were made at a two-part series of seminars Robert offered on the topic of Authentic Leadership. In the emerging views of leadership, leaders do not have influence simply because they are bosses or commanders. Rather, leaders are people who are committed to creating a world to which people want to belong. This commitment demands a special set of models and abilities in order to manifest the visions that guide those committed to change. It involves communicating, interacting and managing relationships within an organization, network or social system to move toward one’s highest aspirations.

Available for Streaming

Alpha Leader Video” class= Leading the Way Video” class=

Find Them at Journey to Genius
$99.95 Each

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