Intentional Fellowship

Intentional Fellowship

What is Intentional Fellowhip?

According to Collins Dictionary, 'a fellowship is a group of people that join together for a common purpose or interest.' The Chinese character for fellowship used in the I Ching is T’ung Jen. The character literally means 'with' + 'people' and is about gathering people together to accomplish a goal that cannot be completed alone.

Chinese Tung Jen

Intentional Fellowship is the product of a particular mindset in which people strive together to be the best version of themselves and to create something meaningful with others in service of a higher purpose.

Some key characteristics of this mindset include:

1. Proactivity
2. Accountability
3. Ability to meet and accept challenges and to face the unknown
4. Being open to invite and work with the contributions of others.

As with any other form of learning, developing this mindset is a function of practice and appropriate support. This practice involves the following steps:

1. Map the crisis:
   • What are the dangers?
   • What are the opportunities?
2. Compile a fear inventory: put down in one place all of your fears.
   • What are you clinging to?
   • What are you most afraid of losing?
3. Connect to something bigger than the fear:
   • What is the bigger system that most needs your attention (family, profession, community, legacy, planet, etc.)?
   • What does your fear energize you to do if you are able to stay grounded and connected to this bigger system?
4. Keep your Mission in mind!
   • Recall the moment when you took a stand like Frodo in The Lord of the Rings and took on the mindset, 'I will do it, even though I don’t know the way.'
   • What special gifts, resources and capabilities can you bring by staying connected to the best version of yourself?
5. Take Action:
   • What steps can you take to avoid or transform the danger?
   • What can you do to take best advantage of the opportunities?

Globally renowned trainers Ian McDermott and Robert Dilts have made it their mission to share the concept of Intentional Fellowship around the world. If you would like to learn more about how Intentional Fellowship can be applied in your own life and at work, visit the Intentional Fellowship website: intentionalfellowship.com

Ian and Robert

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