The Power of the SFM Community

What Are Venture Circles?

SFM Venture Circles are microcommunities of SFM-Trained people who want to apply the SFM Tools to a topic of interest in order to create a Model.

♦ What Are Some Examples of Venture Circles?

There are SFM Venture Circles around:

- Collective Intelligence
- Education
- Entrepreneurship
- Health and Healthcare
- Leadership and Management
- Spirituality - Sustainable Development

How Do Venture Circles Work?

SFM Circle - A Venture Circle Leader
- A Topic
- A Pitch
- A Microcommunity of Enthusiasts
→ A Model

What Are the Ground Rules?

- Self-Organized
- Based on Passion

How Do I Join a Circle?

Visit Our Active Circles Pages:

- SFM™ and Sustainable Development
- Success Factor Modeling™ for Healthcare
- Intentional Fellowship
- Logical Levels Inventory
- MindsetMaps International
- The PERICEO Project
- The Inner Game of Coaching Card Deck

How Do I Start a Circle?

- Send Us Your Pitch:

- Elevator Pitch Generator

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